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9:30AM Slow Flow with Steph
6:45PM Ashtanga Fusion with Kellie

Our Instructors

Stephanie O’Callaghan

Yoga Instructor
Stephanie holds a BFA from New York University in Theater and Dance. After graduating, she performed with a group in Australia for a number of years, before returning to America to start a family. It was in trying to rekindle her sense of self as a new mother that she discovered the strength yoga offered both physically, through the postures, and mentally, through mediation and breath work.

She obtained her 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification in 2014 in Hatha Yoga through the University of Vermont, and has taught a wide variety of classes and styles since. Within her personal practice and teaching style, Stephanie enjoys exploring breath guided meditations and rhythmic flows.

Whether the class style is invigorating or relaxing, her goal is that you always leave her class ready to seize the day.

Kellie Esposito

Yoga Instructor
Kellie has always been involved in fitness activities – she started as a runner, then moved on to powerlifting and for a short time, bodybuilding. Feeling her program was missing something, she stumbled onto yoga and self-practiced in her home for a couple of years. In 2010 she began attending led classes as a way to lower her career-induced stress. Kellie’s first yoga instructor not only taught her, but also inspired her to push further than she thought she could ever go. She has now completed her 200-hour certification.

Kellie likes to incorporate both Ashtanga and Baptiste disciplines – both challenging and energetic practices with a strong cardiovascular element – into a creative class that not only gets the heart rate up, but also allows students to work on new poses each session, while increasing their grasp on the poses they already know.

Kellie’s goal is to inspire yogis to explore yoga with an open mind and then be amazed at what they can do.