Here are some of the common questions that we receive that you may be wondering about prior to taking your first class:

What is the Functional Movement Screen (FMS)?

  • The FMS is a tool that we use to document seven basic movement patterns.  It will reveal which movements are weak or have asymmetries, which are common due to our daily routines in life.  It will also provide the information necessary to customize your workouts, strengthen you, track your progress, and help you reach your fitness goals.  Everyone has a unique movement pattern whether they happen to be older, younger, active, not so active, a golfer, a football player, etc.  There is no way to fail the screen.

How will using the information obtained from the FMS help toward my goals?

  • The FMS does not actually determine your goals, rather it helps you to develop a strategy towards your goals.  We use the FMS to improve movement and most importantly, to determine what movements to avoid when we design your exercise programs.  With the help of the FMS, we can reduce the risk of injury, and therefore reduce the risk of encountering a set-back in reaching your goals.

What does the typical exercise program look like at Fitness Functions?  What can I expect?

  • The exercise programs at Fitness Functions are written uniquely based on your fitness goals; they are not random exercises or “cookie cutter programs”.  All Personal Training and Semi-Private Sessions are 30 minutes and include a dynamic warm-up, core training, and strength training.  Of course, this can be modified depending on your individual needs and goals.  One thing always remains the same though – the intensity is high and the atmosphere is fun every time you workout!

If I workout in semi-private or private sessions, can I still come to the group classes?

  • Yes!  We encourage you to workout even on the days you are not in a private session.  Our group classes are diverse and offer you a great complement to your other workouts.

Is it safe to take a Small Group class everyday?

  • Yes, our Small Group classes can be done daily since the exercises vary from day to day.  It is recommended though to take a day or two of rest each week to allow your muscles to recover.