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Rosemary & Tomato Eggs

ROSEMARY & TOMATO EGGS Try this quick, easy, nutritious, and delicious dinner you can throw together anytime!   Sharon Hudd, Pn1

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Healthy You = Healthy Family

We all want our kids to be healthy – we want them to have good brain development, good behavior, a healthy gut, and to be able to maintain a healthy weight throughout life. Giving your kids a great start with healthy nutrition and eating patterns early on […]

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FEED YOUR PAIN AND STRESS We often forget how important what we eat is for how we feel, not just for how we look. Stress and pain affect how we feel both mentally and physically. They cause our body to release excess cortisol, raise blood pressure, anxiety, addiction, […]

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Donny’s Fat Loss Fundamentals

Donny’s Fat Loss Fundamentals We have clients come to us to help them reach all kinds of goals, but the most common goal is fat loss. The path to fat loss is unique for each person – which is why popular diets and quick-fixes tend to fall […]

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Can One Question Improve Your Health?

Can One Question Improve Your Health? Think about all the choices you make in a day – wake up and eat breakfast or hit the snooze button, pack your lunch or go out, order a side salad or a side of fries, workout after work or go […]

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How Do You Measure Your Workout?

How Do You Measure Your Workout? How do you measure your workout? How can you tell that what you are doing is working? Is it only a good workout if it is hours long and you have to crawl out of the gym? Maybe you measure it […]

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Practice Makes Good Habits

Practice Makes Good Habits Life is always throwing us changes – a new job, moving, a new commitment, illness, having a baby – and you have to adapt. Something’s got to give and often our own health is the first thing we cut to make room in […]

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Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy Do you know your posture affects your breathing and vice versa? Also, what you do throughout the day can negatively affect your breathing? Both breathing and posture affect the quality of your exercise. Put it all together – good posture, breathing, and exercise form a […]

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Lessons Learned….

Lessons Learned at Fitness Functions This summer has been quite the learning experience! I was finishing up my fourth year of college at the University of Montevallo, and I had no idea how to actually put my knowledge to good use. I only knew how to be […]

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Two Faced Labels

Two Faced Labels In our last newsletter I told you how to take control by learning how to make sense of food labels. One tip I gave was to question the front label on the package – real food should not have to convince you it is […]

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