Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple – give you time back for your busy schedule. Our team feels strongly about fitness and health, but let’s face it, there is more to life than working out. We make it simple and convenient for you to get the results you want. We’ve created a solution for you to reach your fitness goals within 30 minutes when you step inside Fitness Functions.

How Can 30 Minutes Help You?

Fitness Functions’ FIT30 training cuts out the guesswork and wasted time. Our goal is to make healthy life simple so you don’t spend your life in the gym. In our 30 minute sessions we focus on quality, not quantity.  We provide individual progressions and action plans that save you your most precious asset, TIME!

Unique Goals

There aren’t any “cookie cutter” programs that set the path to success. Before you start your workouts we take you through a Function Session to take the time to assess your specific needs and learn what success is for you. This is where your journey towards an energized and healthy life starts.

Challenge the Status Quo

We all have the same excuse – we don’t have enough time. As we get older, it becomes even more difficult to find time. At Fitness Functions we challenge you to become a better version of yourself and challenge the myth that there is not enough time to take care of yourself. Healthy doesn’t have to be busy and complicated.

Our Origin

Sebastian Hudd started his fitness training career in Birmingham, Alabama in 2004 as a personal trainer and has always had a passion for promoting health. As the fitness industry has grown, Sebastian has evolved with it through experience, mentors, and education. Over the years he has developed his distinctive philosophy towards helping others in achieving their personal goals. To better offer individuals of all ages and backgrounds with specific health goals, Fitness Functions was created. It has been a longtime dream to build a place with an energetic, motivating, and encouraging environment where his team of passionate fitness professionals could offer a life-changing perspective to exercise and overall wellness.

Various “One Size Fits All” gyms were emerging around the area that offered generic programs with body image as a main goal. As these larger gyms were becoming more popular, Sebastian’s concept of a friendly and more personalized studio was a unique opportunity to open a fitness business that offered solutions for busy families, corporate employees, executives, and athletes. Strength training and aerobic training are not general; it is about getting the right kind of exercise to benefit both your physiology and meet the demands of your work and sports environments.

The long-term goal has always been to develop an environment that fit for every lifestyle incorporated with semi-private training and small group classes that ultimately offer variety for every level. It is of highest priority that Fitness Functions be the ideal location that has a reputation of quality personal attention a fitness studio could ever offer in Hoover, Alabama. With this vision, the encouragement of his wife Sharon, and the belief of success from his family and friends that Sebastian decided to open Fitness Functions.