Donny’s Fat Loss Fundamentals

We have clients come to us to help them reach all kinds of goals, but the most common goal is fat loss. The path to fat loss is unique for each person – which is why popular diets and quick-fixes tend to fall short in the long-run. Donny, our intern this summer, did some research and put together a list of fundamentals that can benefit everybody looking to loose body fat. Which of these can you implement to get you to your goal?


  • Get quality sleep – studies have shown that quality of sleep plays a major role in fat loss and has a direct correlation to unhealthy food cravings such as sugar. The better your sleep patterns, the better you can focus on nutrition
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep each night – catching up on sleep from previous nights of poor sleep will not give you the same benefits as adequate sleep each night.
  • When in doubt sleep – if you’re not recovering well, your workouts will not be as effective and your fat loss/muscle gain/nutrition absorption will suffer. We would rather you rest well than workout without sufficient sleep.


  • Be in control – plan your meals, cook at home, enjoy real foods; perhaps the best nutrition advice we can give!
  • Cultivate healthy nutrition habits – unhealthy nutrition habits are a primary reason why we have a hard time losing fat or gaining muscle. It is true what they say – “you can’t out train a bad diet!”
  • Eat smaller meals throughout the day (Sharon likes 4 meals/day, but if 5 works for you, go with it!). The benefits of doing this:higher metabolism, fat is stored less in your cells, reduces cravings, better absorption of nutrients.


  • Train with resistance – in a research study, it was shown that resistance training was proven to reduce body fat percentage 9 times greater than participants who did “cardio” training alone. If you enjoy cardio/running/walking, consider adding in resistance training to give you a better faster fat loss effect than cardio training alone.
  • Challenge yourself – once you have mastered a movement, such as a squat; increase the weight, reps, and/or sets. Challenging yourself with variations and intensity will translate to “fat burn”.

You have an amazing functioning body – for best results, recharge it, refuel it, and move it.


Donny Barnes
Summer Intern 2016
University of Montevallo

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