Two Faced Labels

In our last newsletter I told you how to take control by learning how to make sense of food labels. One tip I gave was to question the front label on the package – real food should not have to convince you it is “healthy”.

Recently, I was comparing two peanut butters with a client, JIF Natural Peanut Butter and Kirkland Organic Creamy Peanut Butter. I knew the ingredients were different , but this time I noticed the claim on the front of the JIF, “Low Sodium”. I took my own advice and flipped the PB over to check it out. This is what I found:

JIF VS Kirkland

JIF Natural “Low Sodium” PB**: 80mg Sodium per 2 TBSP
**Made FROM peanuts, SUGAR, PALM OIL, salt, MOLASSES

Kirkland Organic Creamy PB**: 40mg Sodium per 2 TBSP
**Dry Roasted Organic Peanuts and Sea Salt

How is it that JIF’s “low sodium” peanut butter has 2 times more sodium than Kirkland’s? Low sodium compared to what? I hope you also noticed JIF’s “natural” peanut butter has added sugar, palm oil, and molasses — true, these may be “natural” ingredients, but they are not what I expected (or really want) in my peanut butter.

Lesson Learned – never trust the front label, look for yourself.

Sharon Hudd, Pn1 Nutrition Coach

Sharon Hudd, Pn1
Nutrition Coach

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