Get Your Game on (and Stay on Track)!

Football season is here! I don’t know what it is — being around friends every weekend, the crispness in the air, cheering for your favorite team — but something makes food at a football tailgate/party extra tempting! It is tough to stay focused on your health during this time of year, so I thought I would share with you my top tips (the ones I actually use myself) to help you keep on track this fall. There are the more obvious tips, like swap chips for veggies or make turkey burgers instead of beef, but often times you do not have control of the food available to you once you arrive at the game or party. Instead, focus on what you have control over.

  1. NEVER GO HUNGRY and only eat when you are hungry!
    • I cannot tell you how important this is. No one makes the best food choices when they are hungry and you always over eat.
    • You will have to be mindful to eat a good healthy meal before you arrive at the game or party. By “good healthy” I mean, lots of veggies (for fiber), some lean protein, and healthy fat — these are the ingredients for satiety and will help ensure you stay full as long as possible.
  2. Do not hang out by the food table.
    • It’s simple — if you stay around the food you will continue to eat it subconsciously, so don’t do it!
  3. Everything in moderation.
    • Enjoy your favorite foods; just don’t overdo it! There is “too much of a good thing.”
  4. Leave it at the game.
    • Once the game is over, get back on track. Keep your workouts during the week, eat your best, and get plenty of sleep!

Now, go and enjoy the game!

Sharon Hudd, Pn1 Nutrition Coach

Sharon Hudd, Pn1
Nutrition Coach

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