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People often tell to me that they simply don’t have time to eat healthy – they are too busy and regularly forget to make time to take care of themselves.  While there is no magic pill or diet that can get them on the right path, there is one secret to success — KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Think less and make fewer decisions by keeping healthy food around you and handy.  You are more likely to eat food you have already prepared.  When it comes time for your next meal you don’t have to think about what to eat or give into cravings — having your food ready and available will make the decision easy.  Choose a method that works best for you; here are a few options to get you started.  I use a combination of all of these.

The Weekly Ritual

Often referred to the “Sunday Ritual” because Sunday tends to be the day of the week people can dedicate time and plan for the week to come.  Create a menu, make a grocery list, buy groceries, and prep/cook your meals for the week to come.

The Daily Ritual

Combined with the weekly ritual, take some time in the morning (while you are cooking breakfast is perfect) to prepare your snack and lunch for the day and get a start on prepping dinner.  This could be done at night too, while you are cooking dinner, to prepare meals for the following day.

Grab & Go

If you just don’t cook or truly cannot spare time to cook you may opt to buy your healthy meals.  Many grocery stores have grab-and-go selections — pre-made salads (or salad bar), cut and washed veggies/fruit, cooked lean protein, etc.


  • KEEP HEALTHY SNACKS HANDY so you are always prepared.  Keep Fruit, nuts, protein bars, etc. in your car, desk, and purse so.  I try to always keep food with me.  That way, when I get hungry I don’t have to think about what to eat and fall into temptation, I know I have a healthy option on hand.
  • Eating out?  Have a list of GO TO RESTAURANTS that offer meals that won’t sabotage your efforts.  Now a days you can go online to view the menus and nutrition information before you head out.  Remember, think less — know what you are going to order before you get there.

Sharon Hudd, Pn1 Nutrition Coach

Sharon Hudd, Pn1
Nutrition Coach

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